Friday, July 5, 2013

Hartford Marathon Training Week 2

Ahhh better late than never? Yes? No?

This shall be quick!

Monday: 6 miles with 6x30 hard in the middle of the run: Done on the treadmill because work is sucking the life out of me: Total time: 55:01 Splits: 9:31, 9:18, 9:20, 8:41, 9:15, 8:56

Tuesday: 1 hour cross train: Elliptical and total body lifting session

Wednesday: Speed work - warm up fun run with Fleet Feet - 3:75 miles then TRACK! 16x400 with 60 seconds rest between an easy shake out 400 half way through the set and then run home 2.35 miles to cool down. This was with my coach and holy smokes. I.Hate.Speed.Work...but love it at the same time!

Goal pace for the 400's was 2:00 - Mile 1 avg 1:47, Mile 2 1:55, Mile 3 1:53, Mile 4 1:55 for an average of 1:52 - 7:28 miles.  Need for speed! I was wiped out after this workout. Hi burning legs! I guess I have it in me to be a bit faster than I think. This was total killer in the humidity though.

Thursday: 5 miles: Total 5:41 49:23 Splits: 9:15, 9:31, 9:18, 9:30, 8:17, 8:26 - I was pushing at the end of this, and dying as well. Probably ran it a lot harder than I should have.

Friday: Rest Day. Ohhhh I am really starting to enjoy rest!

Saturday: 9 miles + core - This was sucky at best I struggled the entire time. Splits: 10:01, 9:44, 10:09, 10:14, 10:27, 10:19, 10:13, 10:20, 9:39

I may or may not have been hungover. No comment.

I also ran this mid day. I.Am.Smart.

Sunday: 3.5 miles  1/2 mile warm up then 3 miles run in 8:30 or under: w/u 9:22: 8:50, 8:09, 8:05 - again a total struggle to push myself in this humidity. Another really difficult run. Running slower is so much EASIER. Who would have thought!

Total miles for Week 2: 34.26

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  1. I know, now that I don't feel "bad" for running slower, I'm loving those easy runs! Especially in this humidity, dear lord...