Saturday, July 13, 2013

Belmar 5 and a Long Run

Today's scheduled workout was the Belmar 5 mile - sandwiched in the middle of a long run. 

I'm going to be honest. My alarm started blaring this morning and every thought led to "I don't want to do this". I think the best part of my morning was realizing I had the start time wrong and had an extra half hour to snooze. 

So the plan was easy. Run a couple miles to warm up, "race" at marathon goal pace, then a few miles to cool down. Basically tempo the race. 

I looked at the weather report. It was 93% humidity with rain threatening. 

Plus full disclosure: I went to happy hour Thursday. It went until the wee hours of the morning. I was still feeling it when I woke up. Old age is a pain. Suffering for having too much fun. 

I finally threw myself out of bed realizing I had about 10 minutes to get out the door and needed to get my ass in gear. 

I was quite literally out the door and running with the start right up the street. 

2 mile warm up @ 9:43 

I ended at 8:29 and the race was off at 8:35 with 2,500 other folks. 

It was pretty hard to get on pace (MGP- 9:05) off the bat. I lined up where I figured I could hit pace easy but not suffer and go out too fast. But it was congested. Regardless. 

Mile 1: 8:50

I was feeling pretty good for the most part. The humidity was definitely heavy but luckily clouds were covering in the beginning. 

Mile 2: 8:56

We were around Lake Como and I was wishing for some of the breeze along the ocean. I was also cursing that I missed the first water stop. It was on the right and I was running on the left around the lake to hug it. I didn't have water or food prior to leaving the house so was thirsty as a mofo. 

Mile 3: 9:18

I grabbed two cups of water through the second stop and also stretched for a moment as my right hip/glute was tight. I was also just counting down to half way. I needed to get over that hurdle. Getting back on pace after stopping felt impossible and I couldn't find it for a couple minutes. 

Mile 4: 8:59

I got back to pace and was over the half way hurdle I was good to go. I walked through water yet again. I cannot run and drink for the life of me. 

Mile 5: 8:55

Once I knew I was almost done I was just like this wasn't bad, done already! My BODY was alright with this pace just the stupid weather. And well I was hungry and thirsty. 

Overall. Umm executed pretty well just like coach wanted! But I really must say if I wasn't reporting back to someone I would probably have eased off to 9:30 miles and coasted. Hence loving accountability and that extra urge to push. 

Post race took off immediately for my cool down. 

3.2 miles @ 9:50

When it also decided to start raining. Hi squishy shoes. 

And drowned rat status. And tan. Who gets a tan with clouds and rain? ME. 

So another "long run" in the books. 10 feels like such a baby amount to call long. Especially since I ran 10.5 doing speed work! But I have to remember that I didn't run this just easy. I think that is going to be key this training cycle. I am running so much more at a faster pace. And this weekend also concludes month 1 of marathon training. have we come this far already? 

Another big thing on the horizon: 5K race/trial Tuesday. I am already losing sleep over this. I bleeping hate 5K's and am anxious for humidity and heat and just how uncomfortable it will be. 

And yes I know I opt to put myself through all this! 

For this! Medals!!!

I think when the going gets tough I just need to keep on chanting "sub 4 marathon" to myself. That goal will keep me going!