Monday, June 10, 2013

Oakley Mini 10K: Recap

I don't think that I have ever prayed so hard for rain on the weekend as I was on Friday night. 

I legit did not feel like running this race.

For some reason all Friday my stomach was just OFF. I was bloated and it was rumbly and the last thing on my mind was trying to race a 10K - potentially in the rain, in Central Park, on Saturday morning.

I didn't pick up my number ahead of time and left things with my friend who was driving in that she would text me in the morning and I would let her know if I was in or not.

Insert Saturday morning wake up. To birds chirping and sunshine. I actually cursed a little bit. I couldn't say no. I was not feeling that fantastic but couldn't justify not going in...especially when I knew I would run at some point regardless Saturday.  Mine as well be in a race I had paid for and worked towards 9 + 1.

And do it in neon style. 

Sigh. If not excited to run at least get excited for a new outfit! Pretty much story of my life. New outfits get me out of bed in the morning. My body thanks me, my bank account hates me.

Can I get an amen for driving in versus public transportation from Hoboken? I was picked up around 6:40 and we were in in 20 minutes, with numbers picked up and gear checked bathroom done by 7:30. I have never had so much leisure time before a race.
My stomach still didn't feel great so I hung near the bathrooms as long as I could before making our way to the starting line about 10 minutes before we were to be off.
All I can say is WOW. This race was BIG.

View in the front.

View from behind. And let's just say I was happy to be in a front corral! Holy women.

After announcing the elites and a such, 8:00am and we were off!

Originally I had totally planned to race this sh*t out of this. Off the bat I knew that I would push but it wasn't going to be pretty. 

My stomach was iffy and my right calf was so so tight.

I just choose to start at a pace that was sustainable, but be able to push. Not crash and burn. 

Mile 1: 8:57

It was so cool starting this race in the street instead of in the park. Last year I started this race solo since I was in the bathroom for the gun to go off, so I was all sorts of disoriented beginning. I literally ran solo until at least mile 1.5 last year! This year I was just focusing on trying to get in a groove and enjoying the spectators.

Mile 2: 8:44

Stomach was hurting and so was my calf but this was feeling like a good pace. We were into the park now and seeing Jen was a huge burst of energy!!!! So nice to see a familiar face out there cheering! I was also already sweating buckets. WTF. Also I remembered yet again just how much I hate running the park this way. Give me Harlem hill any day. At least it ends. Making your way up the west side just seems interminable. 

Mile 3: 9:06

The hills were really killing my calf. And also my right glute. It felt like a pulling sensation. Not good. I made the executive decision to walk some of the bigger portions of hill. A quick walk was better than running for absolutely no reason and potentially hurting for real. Whether just tight or what I wasn't about to risk it. Also insert me almost killing a woman. I was walking and she with a lot of pep goes "you are almost there it will all be downhill from here!". 
Okay I love the encouragement but has she ever run Central Park before...I just smiled like oh yes why thanks for the guidance. Yippee no more hills after 2.5 miles! Moron. 

Mile 4: 9:35

There was a bit of walking and a bit of thirst. But while I was okay with walking uphills, I didn't feel like stopping for a bathroom...and was pretty sure that water would have me running for one. I was actually scared for a bit with the running because it was really hurting. 

Mile 5: 9:36

Well at least my walking inserts were pretty steady. I was actually walking and stretching out my calf. SO gosh darn tight. This race was really putting forth a solid argument for stretching and foam rolling, I will tell you that. I got a little infusion of pep seeing my friends boyfriend - who was running a loop going in the opposite direction. He yelled out for me I got wayyyy excited. I love people cheering!!

Mile 6: 8:51

All I have to say is I was FINALLY warmed up. And now was at the point of wanting to run forever. And was trying to keep my pace down. My legs were tired but they also felt ready to run. Only took them the whole race. Way to show up guys. 

Mile 7: 8:07 

I was just gunning for the finish at this point. I saw I was going to PR (and couldn't really do the mental math until mile 6 to be honest) and wanted to just bust it out and finish strong. I was pretty surprised I was taking a decent chunk of time - over a minute - off even with the walking and stretching and hills (last PR was from a flat course a month ago).

Official time: 57:08
Overall, not too bad. And I didn't over run the course THAT bad! I had wanted to PR and based on it all should be running a 10K way faster, but the cards didn't all fall in line for this race between not feeling well and the soreness but fitness is improving even on tired not so recovered legs (I may or may not have run all week including 7 miles on Thursday...and a squat day Friday...typical). I swear I can see myself busting out a few minutes faster under more "ideal" conditions. 

The next 10K up is Queens. It was 80+ at the start last year and my slowest per mile race pretty much ever - but if it isn't deadly I will probably see what I can do! So I have a month to work on this. 

I was happy I went in for this and didn't bail I would have been really sad had I skipped out. It was absolutely gorgeous in the park on Saturday and the race is a lot of fun. 

Also, I need to figure out how to "race" a 10K. I think it is going to involve an actual "warm up" and not just going into the race cold. But it really is a distance that is lost on me strategy wise.

Any insight on this would be more than helpful. 

Did you race this weekend? How did it go? Turned out to be such a lovely weekend after all!


  1. Nice to see someone appreciate the ride in! And the cheerleader! We aim to please!

  2. Cannot believe you hit that time with some walk breaks. There's definitely an even speedier 10K in you! You looked great when I saw you :) Love that neon!

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