Sunday, March 13, 2016

Frozen Penguin Half Marathon Recap

So I need to begin this recap with this: NYCRuns who put on the race did not have me in the official results. So until then I am going off my Garmin time. We are most likely talking a second or two off but I let them know while there (they have the results immediately) and emailed and they are still "investigating". 

And so it begins. 

The day before the race was less than ideal. It began with me throwing up! So there is that. Between that and the fact that my legs felt trashed all week I was afraid to have high hopes. 

Saturday was perfection. High 40's, light wind and sunny to start. Can you ask for better? (actually yes a little colder but whatever, it was beautiful out!). 

I did not think a PR was in the cards. I REALLY wanted to go sub 2 but was going to run by feel as I do a lot lately. Garmin was on but I wasn't going to slave to it. 

As we started I got into a nice rhythm. These races are smaller (less than 400 typically) and within a few minutes was finding my groove. I looked down around 2 miles in and saw sub 9. I felt good I was going with it. 

The we turned around and my stomach started to spasm (I am on an antispasm medication but didn't take it before because of potential side effects aka like Friday's nausea). From there on out it was an absolute struggle fest. I would ease off for a bit let it calm down then take advantage and speed up when it did. There are no bathrooms on the course (short out and back then longer out and back) so my number one concern was BE CAREFUL. I was a-okay running slow if it meant not shitting my pants (sorry, not sorry). 

I could have run into the bathroom on the first loop when we went back to the start but made the decision to run through it. Until mile 11 I regretted that decision when I wasn't sure I would make it. 

At about mile 7 I went to a slight dark place. I was already dehydrated and hungry (I never fuel but didn't even want to chance water) and may have sworn off racing. At the same time I knew I was running pretty well and wanted to keep going for it. 

My stomach hit an awful spot at mile 9 and I let myself walk for 10-20 seconds or so. At this point I was pretty sure I was sub 2 and could afford it. 

The most joyous part of the race was the final water station shortly after mile 11. I let myself finally have 2 cups of water and walked through it to down them. The end was in sight and I knew I would break 2 barring anything crazy.

That last bit was tough I felt like I was barely moving (but looking at splits I was running well). My fingers were swelled up like sausages and my arms were sore. How weird is that? I must have actually been using them. 

Finally the end was in sight and I finished! 

And some seriously good splits:

8:46, 8:58, 9:00, 9:00, 9:02, 8:52, 9:01, 8:55, 9:04, 8:59, 9:04, 9:16, 8:54, 7:57 (.18)

My mental math on the run is awful considering I thought I was cutting it close, haha! 

I finished, then waited to cheer in Beth who rocked the race and we basked in an awesome day of running. 

Honestly, I couldn't be happier with how this panned out. I've been doing the work and it finally came to fruition. I 100% believe I can build on this and run faster. I was running under less than ideal conditions (meaning how I felt Friday and during the race) and would be great to really throw down. My average HR was 154 which I still think is lower for a race.

2016 will be the year I take down my PR! Just need to take ohhh 4 more minutes off of this! But for now, I bask in the glow of everything coming together.


  1. Ahh I'm so happy for you!! Your smile in that picture says it all :)

  2. Awesome! That PR is yours this year!!!

  3. Great job on that sub-2 in spite of your tummy issues! I don't have Crohn's but I do have a lot of tummy issues when I run. Such a deal breaker for me!

    1. It is tough isn't it? Some times I get lucky and the stars align and I am okay and then other times...oof.