Monday, December 28, 2015

Vacation Helped Me Relearn Healthy Habits

Over the holidays I was away for just about two weeks. 

First up was a 7 day cruise and then followed by time with my parents in Florida. 

This was to be my first time cruising but all I kept hearing was how I would come back "10 pounds heavier!". 

Happy to report, that did NOT happen. 

I actually wound up coming back home almost 5 pounds lighter! 

I was happy to see this, and I can actually thank the cruise for helping me reset some better habits (but trust me I thoroughly enjoyed myself - please see evidence of prosecco all day, every day below).

I am a definite boredom eater, and this is mainly at night after dinner. I know in theory I am not hungry but want to eat something. I also have a bad habit of not portioning it out and eating right out of a bag/container. 

On the cruise, yes, you have unlimited buffets. At dinner as we soon learned you can order multiple of each course (try all the things!) but it was a more formal sit down. But I also did not overdo it. I kept saying I wanted soft serve ice cream from the buffet but in theory I never really wanted it and never had it. Also being in a bikini basically 12 hours a day who wants to overeat? The portion sizes served at dinner were correct. Not our American sizes. An appetizer was just that, a bite before the main course. I have a very bad habit of thinking I am hungrier than I am and portioning out massive amounts; what I was served was just right.  

And let's not forget every night we were dancing for several hours. 

I did work out most days - I only took two days off in the two weeks like I normally do - but intensity was less. I will say time and time again the less I work out, the easier it is for me to lose weight. 

Once leaving the ship I made the resolution to stop the mindless eating and get back to portioning. It is an awful habit and I don't like it. I don't necessarily care about what I weigh but I do care about how I look. Today I am wearing a pair of pants I bought massively on sale prior to the holidays but had a little muffin top in prior; now I am wearing them with a shirt tucked in!

Vanity is a big motivator and I am hoping to see if I can lean out some more - which should only help with my racing goals. 

It is kind of ironic though that not only have I made it through the holidays but a long vacation and lost weight without trying. Vacation was awesome but the fact that it helped me reset my eating habits is a welcome bonus.

Now to go book another cruise asap! 


  1. I love that you went on a cruise and lost weight! It's so true, though, that vacations can be an opportunity to remind us of how much of eating is mindless. Your pictures were gorgeous, it looked like a great vacation!

  2. When I went on our cruise a few years ago, I was very happy with the food and, yes, the proper portion sizes! As long as you have some discretion and don't go bananas at the bars and the food tables, you can indeed have just such an experience as you did. Loved seeing your pictures, and so happy that you had so much fun!

  3. I think it is such a myth that you gain weight on a cruise! My experiences have been similar to yours - if you don't go nuts at the buffet, you're fine.