Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Team Daniel Running for Recovery from Mental Illness 5K Recap

Another weekend, another race! Fall has been pretty busy! 

I am really a fan of seeking out these local races and this past weekend was no exception. 

I took a ride into Long Island to run this one. Port Washington. Home to North Shore Animal League. I'm lucky I didn't return home with a puppy. 

It seemed perfect logistically - the start was about 2.5 miles from the train station which I figured would serve as a good warm up and cool down and also get my mileage up to double as a long run. 

Things I didn't count on, waking up to a very upset stomach (the sad cause: overeating a ton of broccoli the two days prior) and some sore legs thanks to running around Central Park on Saturday morning with my CCFA team training. 

I got myself out the door though and figured whatever happened happened. 

Other things I did not expect was that the run to the race would be hilly. My body was not happy at the start. But at least it was a GORGEOUS fall morning. 

I got there about 15 minutes before go time which was just enough to hit the bathroom and get to the start line. 

Other things to note - the start did not run over a mat - which means gun time is your actual time. 

With a few remarks they counted down from a minute and we were off. 

This was another 2 loop course. I started running and just tried to get in a decent groove. I actually forgot to turn on my music while I was running I was trying to focus on my breathing (and eventually not dying). 

First mile clicked off in 8:07.

I was not feeling good. As I finished the first loop I felt my stomach start to get really angry and so I dialed it back a little. Also the guy I was following and pacing off of went out too fast and realized he was fading so had to pass him to not get caught up in his slowing down. 

Mile 2 in 8:18.

Now came a woman who looked a little older than me but was trying to pass me. 

Bring on my competitiveness. I was NOT about to let her out race me at the end so I was in beat her mode. 

And basically survival once I hit the 2.5 mile mark. 

Mile 3 in 8:03.

The end seemed interminable - goodness I just wanted to race to end and would not like to see any photographic evidence of me pushing to the end. 

Finished the last bit at 7:24. 

I don't have official times and they are not posted so for now it is going by my Garmin time.

3.12 miles / 25:19 

WHICH is good enough for a PR! (Previous 25:27 so unless I royally fucked up I got it).

And also for a 2nd place AG win. 

Very happy with how this went. I was not feeling good by any means and it was nice to be able to push it for that second half. To PR when I was having stomach issues and also my legs felt like lead is a good feeling. I feel like I am doing something right in my training and really progressing. I have my eyes on another 5K in a couple weeks I would love to get under 25 minutes!

Oh and other things that didn't suck, winning a $100 Steve Madden gift card in the raffle. 

Overall a great day of racing for a great cause. I will definitely be back to do this race again. 

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  1. Ooh, a gift card, an age group win, supporting a good cause, AND a PR? Sounds like a great day :)