Monday, November 23, 2015

Some Life Lately Updates

Happy Turkey Week!

I am actually not really a fan of the whole Thanksgiving stuff yourself theme but I am happy that this year my parents are still in NJ so we are having a Thanksgiving at our house here instead of trying to get to Florida.

My sister was married last weekend and so they stuck around a bit longer for the holiday. They jet off a day after. Sadly my one sis is on her honeymoon so will be missed but we have the majority.

My lovely Fam with the newlyweds 
Just some random ramblings since I haven’t posted much lately.

First off haven’t mentioned much lately but on the Crohn’s front things are good. My last Remicade appointment my doctor had received approval for a double dose and within a day or so the lingering symptoms seem to have disappeared. Next week I get my next dose and seems we have made it the full 8 weeks! Folks, I think this is remission.

Also saw my hematologist last week and waiting for final lab results but iron levels seem improved as well (mostly expected since the bleeding has stopped). Still feeling tired but I think that whole shortened days lots of darkness isn’t really helping the anemia.

Second let’s talk running! I ran both 5K and 10K PR’s. Feels pretty good to have some speed back in my legs. I got my half marathon time down to 2:02 and had planned to run one more in a couple weeks to see if I could break 2.

I’m on the fence. I have had some lingering hamstring issues since that HM and also some motivation issues from long runs. I think if the race is still available a couple days out and the weather isn’t frigid I will go for it but am holding back on that registration.

However I am running the NOLA Rock ‘n’ Roll Half at the end of February with the CCFA team and am going to be gunning for a PR. Now if only this hamstring will sort itself out. It isn’t hurt/pain necessarily but it is annoying. I have cut back on my mileage and amount of days running but it seems the longer/harder efforts definitely aggravate it.

And finally, I am getting close to my vacation countdown. I am heading on a week long cruise and then spending the following several days in Florida with my parents. It is my longest holiday and time taken off work EVER (kind of ridiculous at 34) and I am so ready. Any cruise tips that I should know of?

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice shortened week. I am ready to run a nice Thanksgiving Day 5 Miler (SO happy for longer than a 5K) then bust a move to NJ to be with the family.

This year I am so very thankful to have regained my health and to have my family near – that is what the holiday is about! 


  1. What a great family photo! Glad to hear all things are on the up and up for you! And sounds like a much deserved vacay/time off in the near future!!!

  2. What a gorgeous photo -- congrats to your sister! Can't wait to follow your HM training :) Also, feel free to reach out about the hamstring and I can let you know what's been working for me -- I've seen a vast improvement!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Congrats on your PRs & Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Loved those pics from the wedding! And more happy about the Crohn's aspect. I just had 2 iron infusions but not being able to run and test them out is pretty damn annoying. As for injury, I hope that you are taking care of yourself--your PRs are speaking well of you. I might just be running the half and not the full in February, watch out!

    1. I can't wait to see you regardless in February!!!!!!! (<-- not enough exclamation points.)

  5. Congratulations to you beautiful sister and best wishes to her and her husband! Let them have a wonderful honeymoon!