Thursday, July 9, 2015

TOL: Random Rambles

There shall be no rhyme or reason to what floats out of my head today! Welcome to some ramblings! Linking up again with Amanda for some TOL action! 

  1. How is it July 9th? I have no idea where this year has gone. And I feel like summer is going to be gone in the blink of an eye. I luckily have a little trip planned for the end of the month and am in one of my BFF's weddings at the end of August so still a lot to look forward to; but I feel like Labor Day will be here before we know it. 
  2. My daily weight fluctuation amuse me. Yes I weigh myself daily. Lately more to do with monitoring hydration when I run (my gym is basically the same temp as outdoors and I have been sweating buckets so trying to manage that). An example, I was 6 lbs lighter yesterday than today. I laugh. And I also laugh when others will be like: I lost x amount of pounds in a day. LOL. I want to give them a crash course in science. You didn't. 
  3. Does anyone else get anxiety when they have someone coming to clean their apartment about getting it clean before they clean or is that just me? I am already a neat freak but I have my service coming tonight and had to make sure everything was perfect when I left this morning. I have issues, I readily admit this. I don't think I will ever be able to share a home with someone again. 
  4. Remember that wedding stress - now that I have basically paid for everything for them I am so less stressed. Now to just recoup and save so I can go on the cruise I want. Solo. Yup heard that right, I plan on taking a trip on my own and just relishing in doing whatever I want. Also if peeps have cruise advice send it my way. Never been! 
  5. My GI doc has finally decided I need to get IV iron infusions. I get super happy to get locked up with a needle for Remicade but this even makes me happier! I am f*cking exhausted 24/7 and after last weeks blood panels came back - my iron levels went down back to basically zero, and he has me going to a hematologist next week to begin the process (I've been on iron supplements for 6+ months but obviously not working + they cause GI distress not fun on top of already tons of it!). Dealing with anemia is no joke. I am vainly concerned with my hair loss I feel like I lose so much daily - I don't want to go bald. 
  6. So I am also back on PREDNISONE (and writing that reminded me to take it). Argh. But since remicade isn't fully working to remission they are hoping a short tapered dose does the trick. I have not lost my shit, YET, but I am hanging on by a thread and feel like a melt down is in the works :) 
  7. I have never been more thankful for work being busy. And my boss being so understanding. Seriously, I have the best boss. Between his trust in me at work and his attitude in making sure my health comes first, I am lucky. I have guilt on guilt over how much Crohn's has interfered with work and doctors appointments and just needing sick days but he has always said, whatever needs to be done, do. But like last week remicade was moved to 9am so I came in at 6am to make up those 3 hours I would be gone. Not the best move in retrospect because I exhausted myself (and probably contributed to being sick for the 4th) but that is just the Type A person in me coming out. 
  8. I am going strong on not giving into buying an AC unit for my apartment. At this point I look at that money and some of the things I want to do and am like, I will WIN! Gianna - 1, Summer - 0  I am just happy my hair is straightened so it air dries fantastically because blow drying is not happening. 
  9. I have been creeping up on the 30 mile mark for mileage per week and being that I am shackled to the treadmill I have finally started to add some "hill" work into my routine. Well, once. This week. And my legs felt the burn so let's hold off before we say this is becomes routine I suppose, lol. 
  10. I THINK I found the perfect dress for my sisters wedding. She is not having bridesmaids but my sister and I are her witnesses and she told us long and black and I found a FABULOUS Chan Luu from Calypso St. Barth - now waiting on it's arrival and if it fits. 
Luckily I am going to stop there for you, but I could go on and on and on. Hope everyone is having a fabulous week and hallelujah it is almost the weekend! 


  1. Fingers crossed the iron helps! I always found it gave me more energy! Hope you have a wonderful day :)

  2. Really glad you're getting that iron (hopefully) taken care of! Fatigue is no joke. And I want to see this dress! Sounds gorgeous :)

  3. I had to quit weighing myself daily for that reason, it drove me crazy!!! Up, down, up, down....Keep up the great work with that mileage!