Friday, April 10, 2015

Weight Watchers Week 11

So truth time, I definitely did not track on Easter (although hosted and literally only ate one meal which was deeeelicious), and tracked quite a few days through dinner then didn't input my evenings. I also think dehydration is the reason why I had a weight loss this week. I had wine last night and my stomach is definitely not feeling it's best today. 

Weeks weight loss = 1.0 lbs

Total loss to date = 14.4 lbs 

The good news is this was the week I decided to return to the morning workout club! 

Holy crap I forgot how good it felt to not have your workout hanging over your head all day long! 

Minus today because #wine

As mentioned in my post earlier this week, this time around the Remicade didn't knock me out and I actually felt an energy boost, which has been nice. But let's also mention how of course this week the mornings were all freezing and rainy. What the hell spring? 30's in April, I think Mother Nature is a wee bit confused. 

Anyways. Trucking along. I need to get better this week. I have bikinis to wear in June in South Beach. (vanity can always motivate ;)

AND I am finally over jelly beans. I thought it would never happen. I had 4 the other day and was just like, eww, no. The unthinkable has happened! Yay! 

...but has been replaced by donut cravings. 

Just can't win. 


  1. On the plus side, donuts are more satisfying? ;) PS best donuts I've ever had are at this place in OC. Just an fyi...

    1. And now you are enticing me with donuts - now that things are on the up with the Crohn's I will have to seriously look into a trip out west!