Friday, April 24, 2015

Final Weight Watchers Weigh In

Today was my final weigh in for weight watchers. I decided not to renew because, money, and after 3 months I think I have got my healthy habits on a roll.

I decided to rejoin after seeing a number on the scale that was leading to a frightening trend of getting back to a size I vowed to never see again.

The final result was in the 3 months I lost 12 pounds total.

I have reigned myself back in to practicing balance and sensibility. I am not nor will not eliminate food groups. I like wine, beer, burgers and fries way too much and ate all these (plus anything else I wanted) during my time on weight watchers. I still think it is a great program to help learn or in my case relearn moderation and balance.

I still struggle with binge eating boredom. I counter this for the most part by just not keeping snacky foods in the house. If I am dying for something it usually means going out to the store. And lately I have instead just gone for a long walk instead and by the time I am done I know that I don’t really want it.

I also still struggle with labeling food good/bad and having guilt feelings towards certain foods. While I do eat what I want, some times it takes days before I will indulge (current case froyo which loaded with toppings yes is a calorie bomb and I have trouble "justifying" it). 

Coming from being obese at one point, losing weight in the beginning unhealthily and disordered eating still haunts me on the daily. But, I try. 

So goals for now? In conjunction with shedding some weight the Crohn’s seems to be heading into remission which means it is a perfect time to begin building a base for fall racing.

I want to build muscle (which in turn will help shed fat) so for now am not necessarily focused on a number on the scale (although I think I probably could gain muscle shed fat and probably be 5 – 10 pounds less the stomach still has plenty to shed).

My goals are more fitness related vs. a goal weight. I want to be able to do things like pushups with ease. I want to at some point in my life be able to haul my body up in a pullup! I want 9 minute miles to be comfortable again. I am being patient with all those because the Crohn’s killed my body the past couple years but in due time.

Losing some weight was absolutely necessary and just a jump start to getting back to where I want physically.

The fact that skinny jeans are now comfortable again and I am looking better closer to summer (yes, vanity and Miami trip I am looking at you) is just a plus.  

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  1. I have a goal of being able to do a pullup someday, too! Note I said someday because it might take a while...

    Anyway I'm so glad you had so much success with Weight Watchers. It really does seem like an amazing program.