Monday, January 20, 2014

Being a "Fitness Snob"

So I have seen other posts on this article but I finally read my issue of Women's Health to have a first hand opinion. And yes I take forever to read my magazines. 

It actually kind of irked me. 

I talk about fitness a lot. I have a blog that chronicles my running adventures. I am obsessed with Flywheel and my social life revolves around when I am taking Body Pump these days. Want to spend time with me? You should probably go to class with me. I plan out my weeks around my workouts. It's a priority. 

The signs of how to tell if you are a "snob":

1. Having a 26.2 bumper sticker - okay while I would personally never do this just because it isn't me - what the hell is the problem with being proud of an amazing accomplishment?! 

2. Wearing your Nike fuel band - okay again not me but that is because I love my gold jewelry and am more apt to wear that while working out versus a fitness band. I am also not into the Nike apps either at all so it would be pointless...but everyone is wearing fitness and activity trackers these days. Again, problem? These trackers are addictive like a game, the whole point is to motivate you to do more activity...not a bad thing in our overweight world.

3. Everything Lulu lemon - I spend a crap ton on my gear and here's the thing - if you are going to pretty much live in it why wouldn't you spend the money?! The last thing you want on an 18 miler is ill constructed clothing with seams chafing the crap out of you. And seriously if you had the underwear you would understand why they are just fabulous.  

4. Sweaty selfie - mine on Facebook is from the NYCM and like, the best picture ever. Shouldn't a profile photo capture you in your element? Again no clue what is wrong with that. It is a picture that captured my sheer joy for running. And a tad more bad ass that the smile is me at mile 23 of the marathon. 

5. In regards to Zumba okay not going to lie I am totally judgmental about it and ever calling going to class a workout. Sorry!! (And I was a dancer growing up so yes I know dancing is a workout just not MY workout).

While I get some aspects of the holier than though attitude I know at least in regards to me - that it comes from a good place. I am not trying to be a bitch it is something I am very passionate about and a really big part of my life. I feel like these days it is almost shameful to be so passionate about it and there is a lot of resentment to those who are. 

If they wanted to really go after those people that are in my opinion more "snobby" I think they could have focused the article on people who try to get you to do their workout because it is the only one (I actually discourage people from marathons if you don't like running you probably will hate it even more with marathon training!). Or rando's at the gym who interrupt your workout to talk about form or a better way to do something. Trainers have interrupted me on an easy XT or run day to point out how to do it better. Thanks but no thanks I've got it. And a coach. Or of course people who are all oh my god paleo (or low whatever, juice, if it fits your macros) or bust! 

So in my opinion their focus and the points they made were a little skewed. 

But in the end I guess I am just a fitness snob :) 


  1. Loved this post! I don't like the idea that you're a snob for having a passion about something. I totally agree that you're only a snob if you're someone who says your workout is the only good workout out there (and oh, hey, it just happens to cost $35/class!). If you're sweating and you're proud of that sweat, and you choose to clothe that sweat in fine ass duds, then go for it :)

  2. Agreed. I posted on this a few weeks ago because I was beyond disappointed in the magazine for this article. The only one I agreed with twas the Zumba one because we shouldn't look down on any form of activity they all rock.

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