Friday, September 15, 2017

Life Lately

And just like that we are about a week and a half away from fall! I feel like 2017 has been a blink and miss it kind of year. 

I just celebrated my year anniversary at Nickelodeon and it honestly feels like I started just yesterday, it has been a whirlwind! 

I am going to be EXTREMELY cheesy and proclaim that every year my life just gets better. My 30's are pretty awesome. Kind of makes me laugh at how so many people go into crisis mode at 29. The older you get the more things just make sense. Physically I am running stronger and getting stronger each year. Hopefully when I'm 50 or so this is still the case ;) but I have a while until I need to worry about that. 

That isn't to say it has been all rainbows and puppy dogs. 

The biggest obstacle as always has been dealing with my personal health. I continue to push through but about 3 months ago I felt remission slipping. I have been to the doctor more times than I can count. I have lost track of the number of remicade + iron infusions, scopes, and vials of blood drawn since June. I am sure my insurance is hating me right now (but also thank GOD for amazing insurance or I would be broke). 

My IBD has been categorized as ulcerative colitis instead of Crohn's. It really doesn't mean anything to be honest. In my world treatment will remain the same. They apparently just misdiagnosed based on an original colonoscopy and my first (lazy) GI (whom I would never recommend). 

The TMI portion = lots of blood in the bathroom (aka why I am anemic and needing iron infusions), runs with bathroom stops (often in bushes yay for trail running) and a lot of fatigue (but also about to run a 50K soon so hey I'm still going!).

The wrench has been the severe joint pain. My knuckles, fingers, elbows, and balls of my feet have been swelling and painful and it just all around sucks. The swelling in my hand was so severe I couldn't make a fist or open a bottle of seltzer last weekend. My doctors have been working to diagnose (thinking rheumatoid arthritis) but are weary to say anything official. So TBD. It comes and goes. It will flare up for a week then poof go away with no rhyme or reason.

I have changed to a meat free and dairy free / anti inflammatory diet and that hasn't helped at all so I am just lost on what is going on (and dear everyone: please stop trying to tell me that diet will cure me, it won't).

I have had a couple moments of being upset. I feel like I literally do everything right. I eat well, I prioritize sleep, I am active, my blood panels for anything not related to my UC are stellar. But yet, I don't feel great. Luckily I have the running to keep me sane, because even when I feel like crap, lacing up and getting out there makes me feel like everything will be alright since I am still able. And honestly 75% of the time I feel "okay" I am definitely not in the throws of a flare to the same magnitude as 2015 (thank the lord). 

But enough of the downer stuff. Summer has also been pretty damn tremendous! Enough with the writing and now to some picture story telling.

Kicked off summer in Paris, as one should.

I became an Aunt and fell so in love

Treated myself to a car after 8 years without so I can go on adventures!

Spent a LOT of time with my bestie doing things like Kayaking around Bannerman Island

Hiking in the Shawangunks

Spending time at the beach house in Belmar

Running a 17.5 mile trail race in Ellenville 

Team Championships with my Q's!

Hiking around Lake Minnewaska 

First apple picking of the season!

And of course dates with the cutest nephew ever.

All in all, minus the never ending health drama, I cannot complain, I am (don't hate me) blessed to live the life I live.

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