Thursday, April 13, 2017

TOL - Life Lately - Just Keep on Swimming

Happy Thursday!!! Linking up with Amanda per usual, thanks for hosting! I have been a day ahead all week in my thinking so glad that the end is almost near. Also if you make it through this entire, picture-less, long post, you are awesome. 

I feel like I am due for some life updates around here! Things have been a little…hard for lack of a better word lately. 

I don’t throw my personal life too too out there, but at the beginning of March my dad had 3 minor and 1 major stroke. It was one of scariest times in my life, flying down to Florida (where they are for the winter) and seeing him that first time was pretty heartbreaking. I was down there for about a week (which coincidentally was the same week my BF and I were going down for Spring Training and Disney so…good timing?) and by the end he was a lot better which was comforting but it is going to be a long long road. 

He was released after 5 weeks to go home Friday, which was a very rough adjustment since he is not walking and has some other complications. Which lead to Monday a frantic text from Mom and he was back in the hospital. As I tried to navigate that at work I 100% couldn’t hold in my emotions and let’s just say open floor plans are not your friend in an emotional crisis. Thankfully I have a wonderful work team. He is now back home again and we have around the clock care which should hopefully help both him and my mom. 

In the midst of this I get my April rent bill and my rent went up by $109 a month mid lease (due to an MCI improvement which they are backdating payment for). No one was willing to discuss with me, and I may have pulled a very irrational and unusual move for me and I put in my notice to move. LOL. Luckily, I found an apartment immediately and am signing a lease this weekend! Two blocks away for $300 less per month, so take that WPH Apartments. They are the worst. But happy to pay less, even with a broker fee will save $2000 over the next 12 months so YAY. So not the most ideal situation but I couldn’t take it. My rent has gone up by $334 a month since December 2014. Ludicrous. 

So now I am moving! 

I am also getting my drivers license all over again. I let my NJ license lapse for years and now have to redo the whole process again in NY. I also needed a SS card which I have never had so put it off. Turns out getting a card is SO easy. 

So I took the permit test, passed, took the 5 hour class, and now am waiting to take the road test…and then should be getting a car! <— I cannot wait, I have really been dying to have one to make life easier for a while. 

A lot has been going on and that is without the aside of work which has been going well, I’ve been expanding my horizons on new projects in different areas which is fun! 

I am also working a freelance project on the side, which YAY extra money but also…extra work. Because I do not work enough as it is, right?

I had a Remicade appointment this week, and had to push it a week because I basically had the plague and they wouldn’t let me get it – and feel lucky enough that my health is in a good place where (knock on wood) I am okay waiting that week. 

And then there is running. I am still doing it. Still not “seriously” training. My 5K PR made me kind of want to gun it in the half but I just don’t feel like working hard. I have a half this Sunday which should be a good test of fitness but it is also going to be a high of 80 and I don’t think my body is adapted to run hard in the warm weather yet. I haven’t been running with my garmin lately just my fitbit – and I don’t look at paces until after and lately I have been overestimating my paces (ex. Thinking I am running a 10/mile and really running 9:20) so who knows what is possible. Would be happy just to be sub 2 and see if I can expand upon it. But also I kind of don’t care. I basically want to PR without REALLY having to do work. LOL. That’s how it works, right? 

And that is more or less life in a nutshell. 

Things I am looking forward to: Paris next month AND becoming and Aunt for the first time! So those are two VERY exciting things on the horizon. 


  1. Oh no, I am really sorry to hear about your dad. Good call on moving, although that's always a hassle to pack up everything and settle down somewhere new. A high of 80 can be dangerous, so I agree that it's best to just take that race easy.

  2. Geez, you have a lot going on. I'm glad your dad is doing ok. It has to be hard to be so far away. And then having to move? Thank goodness for running, right?

  3. Gianna, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad! I hope he's doing well at home.

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