Friday, February 3, 2017

Winter Running Favorites

I think everyone has written this post but figured why not give my two cents! I have invested in the pieces and am running 30ish miles a week outside and loving it so why not share what has benefited me?! I have not wussed out from any weather conditions yet and am actually embracing winter to the fullest.

Case and point.

First I will say that I have come to love a new to me brand. Just like I had an epiphany finally trying Lululemon last year and falling in love with shorts/tanks/sports bras; the same happened for winter running with Athleta. 

It all began with the hunt for tights that had side pockets. The speed tight from lulu had poor reviews (which I thought I would wind up with since I am obsessed with the speed track short) but I wasn't sold on shelling out that money for a product that people were trashing the quality and sustainability of. 

Which lead me to Athleta. The only issue that I have with them is that their clothing sizes kind of throw me off. I find their tights are bigger and some tops smaller - where the necessity to figure out which is which is kind of annoying. Luckily the quality of their items and the fact that they deliver on performance outweigh that. 

Powerlift Tight 2.0 - these are WARM (I have both black and gray below). I've only actually worn them a couple times because winter has been fairly mild - but they should be of use in Iceland in a couple weeks as well! Fleece, wicking, zip pocket, wore them in a snow storm and they did splendidly. Note these are snugger though but I was still good with a medium.

Rock Springs Vest - not bulky, zoned insulation, great side pockets and wind resistent equals a great piece. I don't like to run in jackets and vests are my jam - I have gotten a LOT of use out of this one! I sized up to a large for some extra room.

Fastest Track top - have bought a bunch of these in both long and SHOCK short sleeve. The material is so lush and it is made with "stink proof" technology (which seriously works! I gave it a very good go with two runs before washing to test and it was fine - and I am a sweaty person)

Run With Me Ear Warmer II - lulu did have to make an appearance! Love this headband.

Run With Me Gloves - tech friendly, they have a snap so you don't love one and keep the pair together, plus my hands always feel "itchy" in gloves when running and do not in these 

So there you have it, head to toe, the gear that is keeping me warm for 5 runs a week this winter! Bonus - end of season is happening so especially the Athleta stuff, is on sale. I have to stop myself from purchasing anything new! 


  1. I love Athleta. I don't own a single thing from Lululemon, but my favorite sports bra is Athleta. The stuff you show looks really nice- I will have to go check it out!

  2. I have the Powerlift tights. They run small. I normally am very comfortable in an XS but I could have used a S in these.

    1. My medium regular tights are on the verge of being too big so a M worked with the power lift and they don't move but they 100% run small. But are so good and warm! Sizing definitely throws me off with Athleta.

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