Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Update!

Hello! I just realized it has been almost a month since I have written a post! 

Not that that is totally unusual but made me realize the new job and such has been eating up a LOT of my time and in my down time I am being a total bum. I go days without checking up and reading others blogs either. Just no time for that! 

So what has been going on?

First work. Holy cow. This is the toughest job I have had. Moved up position wise and also am in a totally new area of media then throw in the learning curve of a massive company and I am fried - but loving it! I can't believe I am just about 2 months in! Also, they are very in touch with creating a solid work environment. Please see last week - they brought in puppies (adoptable!!) to one of our happy hours (also very big on these!). 

Health wise, fingers crossed but I was at my hematologist last week and looks like my blood levels are already improving. I still feel exhausted but I think mentally I need to stop thinking it is medical and realize work, plus training, plus seasons changing (aka all the darkness) are having an effect. 

On the running front, dropping down from the marathon was 150% the BEST decision. It is freeing to not have to plan every weekend around those LONG LONG runs. I am still running long - 12ish miles for the long run on the weekend - but not having to fuel and being able to keep it under 2 hours has been good for me. I have moments of FOMO but then am like do I want to go run 18 miles...nope. The feeling dissipates. 

I'm excited to get out there and race. I do think that I am capable of running a solid race and if the cards line up coming close to a PR (1:53). But I am not in a it must happen or all hope is lost mode. I'm doing the work, varying the runs, paces and taking a full day of recovery and time will tell. 

I did toy the past 3 weeks with dropping my running days from 5 to 4. I still hit 30 miles by making one run an 8-9 miler during the week in which I do speed work in the middle. I like the higher midweek miles and also hitting paces in the midst of longer runs but to be honest kind of like running 5. And, my legs do not feel ANY more refreshed dropping a day. So this week may add back in one. What can I say, I love my running high and bootcamp just feels better with a few miles of recovery after. 

I am also loving fall temps. Ugh. It has been amazing. Cooler weather + running = heaven. Plus being able to be lazy on the weekend mornings and NOT set an alarm to zero dark thirty like in summer or risk dying in heat and humidity = fabulous! 

I even ran in the rain, wind and cold on Saturday morning and enjoyed it! Or well I enjoyed the satisfying brunch that came after ;)

And that is about all for now! I am signed up for a 5K this weekend and excited to see what kind of turnover I have. Should be a good little speed prep to see where I am at. I always do way better if a race is on the line and would love to avg below an 8:00 pace for this race but we shall see! 


  1. Glad to see you're feeling your speed again! Good luck at the 5k!

  2. Great post! You and I are in similar positions work-wise. I just started a new job six weeks ago, and the learning curve is big because the company is so large. Just a lot of people and processes to figure out, in addition to doing the actual job. It's great to hear that you don't regret your decision to drop down to the half. Sounds like it was really smart and fits better with your life at the moment.