Friday, September 9, 2016

Summer is Winding Down

I cannot believe that it is September. I really feel like this year has flown by and summer was gone in a blink (but not those summer temps, they are still holding strong). 

But the good news is, I have a job! I kind of lucked out in that I had an interview set up for a job I really wanted, interviewed and two days later got the offer. 

I begin on Monday which was also nice. I was able to work out a full week and then some before starting so that I could enjoy some time stress free. There is not working with a new job ahead and then not working with the stress of job hunting looming. 

I was lucky in that I had the financial capabilities to not work for a while but really wanted to. I landed a gig that is going to be both challenging and is a fantastic step up professionally. Pretty much a win, win. I am also working freelance so as of now only signed on for 3 months (also something I wanted). 

So that is what is up on the job front. 

Running has been going pretty well. Both of my long runs back from Europe have gone really well. Last week there was a break in humidity and I had a fantastic 16 miler. 

At the same time, I am having some anxiety and trepidation about running a marathon. I don't have any crazy goals (looking to PR which is breaking 4:26) but at this point I am still feeling unprepared and like it is a daunting task. 

Good thing I have more than 2 months of training left! (but really...still that long?!).

So that is basically what is going on right now. 

I'm ready to get back into routine. I dawdle with getting out the door in the mornings, since I usually don't have much of an agenda and crave the structure that work gives. 

I also have been doing entirely too much shopping. My lululemon obsession has gone berserk. There was a reason I had never bought anything prior to a few months ago. I KNEW this would happen. But if anyone wants a recommendation buy these shorts immediately.  And this sports bra.  And this tank.  Ugh. So much love. And, all on sale. 

You're welcome! :)

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