Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ladies First Half Marathon Recap

It's a week later...better late than never, right?

Going into this race I had no race plan. My goal for the spring was to get back to sub 2 for the half and see where I was to PR in 2016 (need to beat 1:53:14). 

And well, I got that sub 2 a few weeks before so was content knowing that I am in that shape. 

I am in the throws of some medical stuff, and awaiting results to find out if I need surgery for another GI issue, SMA syndrome (unrelated to Crohn's I have just hit the crappy GI system jackpot!). While we wait on that I had to go off of my medication which had been helping with my IBS (seriously my gut sucks). Anyways because of that I really didn't plan on racing. I have another half marathon in a week so figured I would use it as a training run and if I felt good then go for it. 

My sister was running the race too (and PR'd the HELL out of it without trying running an amazing 1:49!) and am happy that she mentioned bringing a hat, because with the steady rain that began 5 minutes before the start I was so damn happy to have one. I have never run with a hat before but now am wondering why I didn't all these years. 

Waiting in the rain for the start.
We started running and honestly the rain wasn't too bad. I had to make a stop in the first mile realizing that I hadn't double tied my sneakers. Nice rookie mistake! 

This is the same course that I ran a few weeks prior. That first out and back I was basically right on the cusp on the 2 hour mark. When I hit mile 5 I had two options. I could try and pick up the pace for sub 2 or I could ease up. I choose the latter. My stomach was in knots and I just wasn't feeling running hard. When I ran the 1:58 the pace felt good. To hit it for this race was going to be real work. 

I don't even know how many half marathons I have run but I have totally lucked out, this was the first time I have ever had to race in the rain. There is something badass about it but at the same time after an hour or so it just gets old! I was definitely over this race around mile 8. I kept picking up the pace but then my stomach would hurt and I would have to slow down. The last few miles it was a toss up between wanting to speed up and finish and not wanting to put forth the effort that required! 

I was drenched, I was wearing shorts and a tank and it was all just soaked. The last few miles of a half can be challenging but it took all my willpower to keep on going.

Final time: 2:04:13

Splits: 9:08, 9:15, 9:09, 9:10, 9:09, 9:21, 9:28, 9:15, 9:31, 9:29, 10:00, 9:53, 9:35, 9:04

As you can see at mile 5 I decided to ease up. And miles 11 and 12 where I was over the whole race thing, haha. 

I was happy that I had the foresight to bring plastic bags and a trash bag to put my bag in during bag check. I was frozen and sopping wet and dry clothes were so welcome. 

Overall, per usual, a great race by NYCRuns. I really enjoy only having a few hundred runners. Next week I am running the Queens Half and if my legs are feeling good I think it might be another good time to try for a sub 2. I am also thrilled that there are bathrooms on the course! These past two half marathons do not have any so that messes with me. I typically hold back out of the fear of running hard and needing a pit stop. 

Until the next one! 


  1. Congrats! And wow- crazy that this is your first rainy race after having done so many. I am glad you wore that hat-- it helps so much. I hope that you don't need to have surgery. Fingers crossed.

  2. Love that medal :) Running in the rain is fine for shorter races, but it definitely gets to you for the longer distances. And I'm shocked you'd never run with a hat! I loooove hats for running :)

  3. Great job on the race! I've done a few halfs in the rain--it really sucks. The rain doesn't really affect my pace, tho, but it's not the most pleasant way to run.

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